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“Movie Talk” was¬†formerly known as “Shootin’ the Breeze”

Thank You & A Little Bit of Our Story

     Thank you for listening every week and for sharing our shows with others Рwe LOVE that. Thanks to all of you, we are seeing more downloads than we ever imagined per episode Рboth audio and video. More than anything, we love all the life-long friends we are making through our podcasts and podcast episodes.



Of course, you know we are, “Just two best friends talking about they show we love, Survivor!” We love sharing¬†this podcast with you and will keep doing it until Survivor¬†ends. We record a LIVE weekly¬†Recap¬†&¬†Feedback Show for each Survivor episode,¬†and we often have special guests – both Survivors and non-Survivors. You know about and have enjoyed our¬†pre-season and post-season shows. Apparently, we just can’t get enough Survivor!

We consider you, our listeners, a HUGE part of our Survivor experience. Again, throughFacebook¬†and¬†Twitter, you have become a part of our Big Survivor Family. Our LIVE shows are on YouTube. and on the “Current¬†Episode” and “Watch LIVE” pages.



This podcast¬†is our excuse to talk about movies. Movie Talk¬†had it’s¬†beginning¬†as an occasional Shootin’ the Breeze segment in our Survivor Talk¬†podcast. We still occasionally chase off-topic rabbits during our show, but when we do, we try to set them aside for after the show (but still in the recording). Movie Talk shows are¬†released far less often than our main podcast, but they are still a fun listen (and viewing).

¬† ¬† ¬†When we started this little “hobby” we had no idea what we were getting into, and we told our wives, “Ah, don’t worry. It won’t take much time. What? Money? …Nah, it shouldn’t cost us anything.” Well, we quickly found out that producing a podcast has certain inherit costs that we didn’t know about: ¬†mixers, computers, microphones, external hard drives, computers, website domain names, hosting site, subscriptions to tools and apps that help our listeners interact with us, music, graphic design, and more. We spend a lot of time in show prep, recording, production, website upkeep, and more. All this while interacting with our listeners in our wonderful Facebook Group

¬† ¬† ¬†Financially, we are¬†supported through our Amazon affiliation, our D&D Patrons through Patreon and the occasional donation via PayPal. We are not a large enough podcast for corporate sponsorships; but even if we were, Patreon and Amazon are¬†great ways to afford you, the listener, the¬†opportunity to say, “thanks” to D&D for the entertainment and laughs we bring you each week. Every little bit helps and we appreciate each and every one of you whether you contribute or not.

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Thank you so much for listening to, sharing, and being a part of the fun each week.

David & Dwaine

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